Saturday, October 20, 2018

Nobody Wins: When Leaders Fail to Lead

Nobody Wins: When Leaders Fail to Lead

Tonight the Timberwolves play their first home game of the year, one month to the day since Butler met with his coach (and general manager) Tom Thibodeau to demand a trade.

The crowd may boo Tom Thibodeau, the team’s coach and general manager, who has assembled and “led” this group for the last two seasons. Many believe he either caused the dysfunction, or welcomed it with open arms when he traded for Butler (who he coached over five seasons in Chicago).

The crowd may boo Glen Taylor, who has owned the Timberwolves for almost twenty years, including fourteen consecutive years in which they missed the playoffs. A streak that only ended this past season, when they added Jimmy Butler. The team snuck into the last spot on the last day of the season, only to lose their first best-of-seven series in just five games.

The crowd may boo Karl Anthony Towns, the 22-year-old future of the franchise, whom they just signed (less than a month ago) to a $190-million extension that keeps him in Minnesota, barring a trade, for six more years. Why would they boo him? While he has undeniable skill and potential, he seems to lack the passion and drive to lead. Even at seven feet tall, he disappears for big stretches of games.

If they have any voice left, the crowd may boo Kevin Love, their last superstar who spurned our team to join Lebron in Cleveland.

The crowd will probably boo Butler, because who wants to cheer for someone who doesn’t want to be here. Well, a lot of us. Because many of us believe that while Butler’s tactics have been terrible, his assessment of the team very well may be true and his competitive fire is indispensable. So, Butler may be cheered. Which might be even more awkward.

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